The Queen’s visit to Dublin is causing chaos for expectant mothers and staff at one of Dublin’s busiest maternity hospitals.

The Rotunda Hospital in Parnell Square backs onto the Garden of Remembrance where the leaders of Ireland’s 1916 Rising are commemorated.

The English monarch is due to lay a wreath at the historic site on Tuesday and traffic in the area has been heavily restricted as a result.

That is causing nightmares for intending patients and staff at the hospital which deals with between 20 and 40 births on day given day and has already cancelled 500 appointments this week.

All staff parking has been withdrawn, diversions are in place for patients travelling to the hospital and visitors have been restricted.

Doctors doubt babies due this week will give any consideration to the Royal visit and have warned mums-to-be to be aware of the traffic problems that await them.

All expectant mothers have been warned of the road closures and the heavy security they will encounter on any trip to the Rotunda on Tuesday.

Dr Sam Coulter-Smith, master of the Rotunda Hospital, told the Irish Independent: “This is a headache and is having a major impact on the hospital.

“The area is significantly affected in terms of car parking and traffic coming up to and on the day of the event.

“If it has emerged someone is in labor then it has been agreed with police that access routes for patients will be provided.

“The visit is obviously a huge event for the country and it is very important but it does have a big impact on a working maternity hospital.”



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