A beautician was savagely stabbed to death in the Garment District on Thursday after a frenzied attack by her husband.

Denise Kenney, who had worked in D’Galina’s Center Salon on West 35th Street in Manhattan for three years, died from stab wounds inflicted from a deadly knife attack.

Her husband Michael Kenney appeared at her work place on Thursday afternoon and the couple went upstairs to talk. An argument ensued and at around 3.30 pm the owner of the saloon heard screams coming from upstairs in the saloon. Soon after Michael Kenney re-appeared downstairs leaving blood-stained footprints in his path.

"He looked at me with crazy eyes," said Leo Pinkhasov, 51, co-owner of the salon.

He then made a move for the cash register and grabbed the money inside as the co-salon owner Eddie Khai, 42 and stylist Joe Baiada looked on in dismay.

Leo Pinkasov, the salon owner, ran upstairs and found his employee slumped over the toilet in the bathroom.

"The blood was all over the place," Pinkhasov told the New York Post.

The 41-year-old Queens resident was rushed to Bellevue hospital where she was pronounced dead a short time later.

Kenney, a Trinidad native, was described by friends and customers as “good-hearted," “well-liked” and “affable."

Michael Kenney is now on the run and being sought by police.