Due to Queen Elizabeth's busy schedule during her four days trip to Ireland she will be unable to visit St Mary’s Cemetery, in Thurles, County Tipperary, to see where the ancestors of the Windsor and Spencer families are buried.

The Queen made her regretful refusals the to Thurles Town Council who had invited to monarch to visit. Although the Queen will visit Tipperary, including Cashel, she will not have time to travel to her ancestor’s burial site.

Although the Queen has never visited Thurles she has strong connections to the area. The Queen is a direct descendant of Viscount and Lady Thurles through their eldest son, the Duke of Ormond. According to reports in the Tipperary Star:

"The Duke’s daughter, Elizabeth, married Philip Stanhope, 2nd Earl Chesterfield, and their daughter Elizabeth Stanhope married John Lyon, 4th Earl Strathmore. Six generations later in direct line was the 14th Earl Strathmore whose daughter, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon married the future King George VI; and these are the grandparents of Prince Charles."

Queen Elizabeth has many ancestors buried at St. Mary's, which is also the location of St Mary's Famine and War Museum. Her namesake Lady Elizabeth Butler is also buried here.



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