READ MORE- Former President Clinton worries about Irish suicide numbers

Queen Elizabeth, U.S. President Barack Obama and now former president Bill Clinton will all visit Ireland towards the end of May.

The dates of the Obama trip were released today as May 23 to 28th with Poland added to the itinerary, which also features England, France and Ireland.

It will make for an historic week for Ireland with two American presidents and the Queen of England in town, which in turn will create a major security operation. has learned that Bill Clinton will fly to Dublin on May 23, the day Obama is expected to arrive in Europe, where he will speak at a dinner to raise funds for suicide prevention at the Citywest Hotel in Dublin.

The former President accepted the invitation to address the event following an invitation by RehabCare supported by Nobel Peace Prize winner John Hume.

“It is an extraordinary coup for RehabCare, in developing its suicide prevention programme to have the support of Bill Clinton, one of the world’s truly iconic figures. He has already done so much for this island through his work and support for the peace process and his support to this project will be invaluable, ” said John Hume MP when he launched the fund raising drive .

Clinton addressed the issue of Irish suicide rates at our sister publication Irish America Magazine's Hall of Fame luncheon last week. He told the assembled crowd that he had lost one close Irish friend,developer Patrick Rocca, to suicide and feared that it had become a major issue there.

READ MORE- Former President Clinton worries about Irish suicide numbers