The mystery winning bidder for Irish American Huguette Clark’s Fifth Avenue apartment has been revealed, after the co-op board of the exclusive Upper East Side building rejected his application.

The Prime Minister of Qatar, Sheik Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, had put down a $31.5 million bid for the two apartments on Fifth Avenue, which were owned by the late heiress Huguette Clark. 

As well as being a political leader, Sheikh Hamad is the owner of Harrods, one of London’s most exclusive department stores.

While the official reasons for rejection have not been announced, the New York Post reports that Sheikh Hamad’s application was rejected because of his large family, which includes 15 kids and two wives, as well as a large staff.

“It was just too complicated,” the source told the Post. Adding that there wasn’t “a chance in hell” of his offer being accepted.

The two apartments located at 907 Fifth Ave. at 72nd Street were owned by Clarke, who lived a secluded life until she passed away in May 2011 at the age of 104. She bought the property in the 1920s and lived out her final years in Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan.

The two apartments which Sheikh Hamad tried to acquire are 10,000 square feet and take over the entire eighth floor.

Clark also owned another property on the 12th floor, which was sold for the asking price of $24 million. The buyer, Boaz Weinstein, a well known hedge fund manager and derivatives trader is awaiting an interview with the co-op board.

The Post reports that while the PM’s bid had been backed by Clarke’s estate, the board of the building were concerned over where the money was coming from. Also, as a foreign head of state, the 52-year-old would be protected if anything were to go wrong.

“He had diplomatic immunity,” the source added.

The broker for the apartment told other realtors that the offer had been rejected as the co-op board had been against allowing the two eighth-floor apartments to be combined.

The Prime Minister of Qatar, Sheik Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al ThaniGoogle Images