A proposal offered by The Department of Health would put a ban on alcohol sponsorship of sporting and cultural events, phasing out all sponsorship and funding by 2016.
The Committee on Transport and Communications opposes the ban, at least until alternative methods for funding have been found to make up for the loss of alcohol sponsorships.

The report from the committee says that because of the country’s “difficult economic situation, where additional funding for sports from Government sources could simply not be considered, the Committee agreed that a ban on alcohol drinks sponsorship could not be countenanced at this time.”

Maintaining that the sponsorships should remain in place, the report presents more recommendations to attempt a compromise on the issue: a code of practices for safe consumption in stadia, a percentage of all sponsorship funding being taken and used for abuse prevention programs, and sporting organizations supporting socially inclusive programs to curb the abuse of alcohol abuse in youth.

The rugby trophy, the Heineken Cup: just one example of alcohol brands funding sports eventsGoogle Images