A professional drag queen told a court in Galway that he could not  walk home in drag and drove drunk instead although it was only a five minute walk.

When asked why he did not walk instead of driving the short distance Eamon Cunniss AKA Twirley Chassey told Judge Mary Fahy “I’m a professional drag queen, I was dressed up. I can’t walk up Bohermore ( (his neighborhood) dressed up.”

When asked why he didn’t bring a pair of flat shoes with him in order to make it easier to walk home Cunniss responded “I do, in my handbag, but it’s not very ladylike.”

Cunniss had explained he was doing a charity gig, that he is a top class irish dancer and that he needed his driving license to continue to attend at charity events.



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“I am a previous Alternative Miss Limerick and Alternative Miss Ireland. My alter ego name is Twirley Chassey and I perform versions of Patsy Cline, Shirley Bassey, Celine Dion and Bonnie Tyler numbers. I love that part of my life too,”  he had told the Clare Champion newspaper in an interview.

Cunniss was suspended from driving for twelve months and fined $800 dollars. He asked to have the suspension lifted until February so he could attend numerous charity events over the Holiday season and the judge agreed.

Cunniss talked earlier about life as a gay man and drag queen in the West of Ireland in the Clare Champion interview. “Hopefully, my Mr Right will come along. I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life. It is hard being gay because not everyone accepts us. That’s why so many gay men don’t come out. They are gay but they don’t want everyone to know, so they lead a double life, possibly marrying and having kids and all but secretly having short-term gay relationships on the side.

There are a number of men I know here in Clare who are gay but they are in heterosexual relationships because they know that it is viewed as more ‘acceptable’. I have a bond with them but they don’t want to be seen out with me in case people realise they are gay,” Eamonn said.

He said that he was in a relationship for a number of years but it ended last year.

“I am lonely since then and I would love another relationship. But I’m not interested in one-night stands. I want the real deal. Walks and meals and someone that I’ll have a real bond with. Someone to share a bottle of wine and long conversations with. I am looking for a new partner, preferably a country guy, a rural Clare man, over 40, preferably someone with a trade and someone who is handy around the house. I love getting attention. I am a diva. I’m a gay man and I’m very fussy. I have very high standards and am particular about attention to detail. Any guy who goes out with me needs to be aware of that because I admit I’m high maintenance in a relationship,” he added.