For anybody expecting to win the lottery this week, an exquisite private island off the coast of Mayo has just dropped to half its proposed price in the hopes of being sold.

Nadim Sayek reportedly spent over 5 million euro transforming Inish Turk Beg Island into his very own paradise after buying it 10 years ago. The Egyptian-Irish businessman will not get to fully appreciate the benefits of his project however and is forced to shave the price to 2.85 million euro or $3.7 million due to financial difficulties, according to TNT Magazine.

An agent from Knight Frank, Harriet Grant, speaking to the Daily Mail, stated that Inish Turk Beg Island was an ‘extraordinary development’ and a ‘property of a lifetime’ that is ‘completely unique in Ireland and probably in the British Isles. She claims that the island is one of 364 islands off the coast of Mayo and is therefore shielded from a lot of the bad weather that the region sometimes experiences. 

The 65 acre island is home to stables, luxury homes and has easy access to the mainland. It also possesses a spectacular main residence that boasts a swimming pool, gymnasium, dance hall, cinema, games room and helicopter pad. It also has seven bedrooms and can reportedly house 30 people.

This main building, known as the Island House, has won a Red Dot Design Award in 2005 for its unique and captivating design and is largely the central focus of Mr Sayek’s wondrously economical creation that has been this year lauded as the best place to live in Ireland.

Aerial shot of Inish Turk BegGoogle Images