Ireland’s leader Enda Kenny informally invited the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka Prince William and Kate Middleton) to visit Ireland last week when they were introduced at the pre-Olympic reception at Buckingham Palace.
Although the Irish Embassy in London must officially invite the royal couple before they can consider a trip it seems like likely that Prince William, who married last summer in the Irish Guards red uniform, will make a trip over.

It seems even more likely given Queen Elizabeth’s highly successful visit to Ireland last year and the recent historic meeting, and handshaking between Martin McGuinness and the Queen in Northern Ireland.
A spokesperson from Buckingham Palace told the Irish Independent “They get asked to travel to many places, but they would've been pleased with the invitation.”
Ireland’s Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny was introduced to William and Kate at the reception hosted by Queen Elizabeth.
Kenny told the Independent “They were very enthusiastic, and hope to get involved with some of our notable charities.”
The Fine Gael leader added that William’s father, Prince Charles, and Camilla, were also “very keen” to visit.
Since William and Kate were married in April 2011 they’ve visited several countries including Canada, the US and Denmark. This would be their first trip to Ireland.
When, and if, the Royal couple do decide to travel to Ireland, the visit would be announced only two weeks in advance.
Given their many prior committments to trips this year, including visits to Malaysia, Singapore and the Solomon Islands as part of the Queen's Jubilee year celebrations, it seems unlikely that the trip could be in 2012 .
Dickie Arbiter, a spokesman for Buckingham Palace, told 98FM news that he believed a trip to Ireland this year would be unlikely.
He said, “They would still have to have permission from the Government and time is very precious. They have the Olympics now. William is also working now as a search and rescue helicopter pilot. They’ve got a lot on their plate at the moment and the likelihood of them travelling anywhere other than what they’re already scheduled is very unlikely.”