Here was a photo opportunity the House of Windsor could have done without. This week the Prince of Wales met Sinn Fein's former director of publicity Danny Morrison in a field at the Glastonbury festival on Thursday and asked how the camping was going.

But it's unlikely Prince Charles knew who he was talking to. (There's a strong case to me made for the fact that this is not exactly unusual for him either). The heir to the throne talked tents with the former Sinn Fein ad man.

'Yesterday when we were up at the green field, there was a whole bustle, I saw a BBC camera crew and people thought Bono was arriving,' Morrison said.

'When we got up it was Prince Charles. He was the only person out of quarter of a million wearing a shirt and tie. He asked myself and my brother Ciaran did we actually camp out for three days. We come for about six days. He was very personable.'

Morrison added: 'I had no problem with him. There is a line drawn through the past.'

Prince Charles visits Glastonbury festival