Ireland’s Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny admitted that he cries every time he sees “Riverdance” due to the power of the experience.

Speaking at a meeting of Irish ambassadors from around the world in Dublin Kenny spoke about the immense power of the Irish brand and its potential in bringing tourist sto Ireland.

He said “I actually cry every time I see the power of the phenomenon of “Riverdance”. Ancient dance translated into a phenomenal and powerful message.”

Kenny discussed the power of other big names that have come out of Ireland such as U2. He said “It’s like the young fella who climbed on top of a military tank in Taiwan many years ago. He had no English but one word: U2. Knew the music.”

The Taoiseach went on to mention his engagement with Queen Elizabeth at Dublin Castle during her visit two weeks ago. He said “So as I said to Her Majesty down in Dublin Castle “You know, one of the things that England gave Ireland was the language” … and I said “Your Majesty look what we did with it – Beckett, and Synge and Yeats and Heaney and Joyce and all the others and all in the space of a couple of hundred years.””

Today FM’s political correspondent, Justin McCarthy, posted the audio and also tweeted on the comments.

The Irish leader asked the Irish Ambassadors from around the globe to view their positions as being “in the Leinster dressing room at half-time in Cardiff”. He asked them to spread Ireland’s positive message with new energy. He said “It’s like the Roman army when it was marching. Everyone knew they were coming. I want to know that the world understands that Ireland is on the way.”

According to, when questioned about the Taoiseach’s comment a Government spokesperson said “He said that he gets very emotional, it brings out powerful emotions in him.” She added that he “wasn’t working from a script”.

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