US President Barack Obama is back on the Guinness – this time in a bid to boost job creation in America.

In the process, he refused a Budweiser and ordered the Guinness, despite the fact that a cold Bud was waiting for him.

The Mayor of Orlando also turned down the Bud and had a pint of the black stuff.

The Harp and Celt Restaurant and Irish Pub in Orlando was the chosen venue as the President took time out to meet unemployed construction workers. The official White House press pool reported that the bar ‘smelled like stale beer”

It played host to President Obama as he took a break from campaign fundraising to toast four builders looking to re-enter the employment market.

Just months after he tasted the real thing during his trip back home to Moneygall in County Offaly, the President had a taste for Guinness again.

The White House press pool report however, made the bar seem like a real gin joint and pointed out that the President turned down a Bud to drink a Guinness.

“The bar smelled like stale beer. It was mostly empty except some workers, WH staff and a couple of people in the back who appeared to be customers eating and drinking. POTUS (President of the United States) and the construction workers sat at a table near the door.

“The wooden table had a half eaten large plate of nachos in the middle. Apparently the construction workers had been eating them, as they had small plates in front of them.

There were 4 bottles of Budweiser on the table. Two were in front of construction workers and one in front of Mr. Dyer and POTUS, but POTUS, then Mr. Dyer, ordered a Guiness instead. One worker had a Corona, and another had a soda. Mr. Obama, seated with his back to the door, was in shirtsleeves. A lifesize cardboard pint of Guiness was propped up behind him in a corner.”

President Obama toasted the construction workers and their bid to find employment. “To more jobs,” he said as he raised a glass in their honor.

Accompanied by Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, Obama then outlined his case for Congress to pass the American Jobs Act and invest in infrastructure so that construction workers like the four men with him can return to work.

“Part of the reason I wanted to stop by was because Buddy and I are trying to help create jobs,” the President is reported to have told the men. “You guys are what this country’s all about,” he added.
Joining the President at the Irish bar were Michael Whidden, unemployed pipefitter from Gotha, Fla.; Patricia Mooney-Hildebrand, unemployed pipefitter from Titusville, Fla.; Mark Mckim, unemployed plumber from Sanford, Fla.; and Jesse Morgan, unemployed pipefitter from Auburndale, Fla.