President Obamamocked Donald Trump on the “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno show on Wednesday night and joked: "We had constant run-ins on the soccer fields in Kenya."

"He wasn't very good and resented it. When we finally moved to America, I thought it would be over."

Trump has been a consistent and harsh critic of Obama and claimed he has never proven he was born in the U.S.

Obama revealed he had never actually met Trumpwho has attended White House-related events, most notably the White House Correspondent’s dinner in 2010 whereObamamocked him from the stage over his obsession with the president’s birth location.

Asked about his performance at the debates, Obama stated, "You know, I was sort of getting the hang of it.”

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Part of the problem with a debate, he stated is that it's not a natural way of communicating — having an argument with someone as you sit next to him.

"Well," Leno said, "you're married."

Obama shot back, "But the difference is, with Michelle, I just concede every point."

Obama said he was cheering for Detroit in the World Series, "I will say, I've spent a lot of time in

Detroit lately, and I didn't want to let Detroit go bankrupt. So in this particular World Series, I might be a little partial."