Irish Presidential election favorite Michael D Higgins has admitted that he smoked dope – and he did inhale.

The Labor Party candidate has confessed to smoking marijuana when he was a student at Indiana University in the 60s.

The Galway academic has confirmed to the Irish Independent newspaper that he smoked a joint when he moved from his local university to America.

He also told the paper that he had never taken drugs in any other form and completely rejected the common theory at the time that drugs could be used to ‘expand consciousnesses.


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“I saw people try LSD but I would have been terrified because of those I saw become dependent on drugs,” Higgins told the Irish Independent.

The Labor Party’s big hope to win the Presidential election, Higgins has also confirmed that he was a member of Fianna Fail during his time at University College Galway.

He was even elected chairman of the Kevin Barry branch of the party on the day he joined the party in the spring of 1966.

Higgins insisted in an interview with the paper that he left Fianna Fail a few months later when he went to study in Indiana and said he was not involved in any electioneering or fundraising for the party during the time he spent in the university cumann (branch).