Whether it's President Bush or President Obama, Republican or Democrat, Irish rocker Bono is singing the same song.

According to Reuters, the U2 frontman will visit Washington DC this week to appeal to Democrats and Republicans alike to spare US development assistance programs from cuts as Congress tries to avert the fiscal cliff of tax hikes and spending reductions early next year.

Bono's visit comes as the Obama administration and congressional leaders try to forge a deal to avoid the triggering of tax increases and spending cuts worth $600 billion starting in January if the Republican controlled Congress fails to act.

Analysts claim the GOP's refusal to make a deal could throw the United States back into recession.

But Kathy McKiernan, spokeswoman for the ONE Campaign, is philosophical. She says that Bono will hold talks with all interested congressional lawmakers and senior Obama administration officials during his November 12-14 visit.

The rocker will take meetings to stress the effectiveness of US foreign assistance programs and the need to preserve them to avoid putting at risk progress made in fighting HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, she said.

Bono is expected to remind congressional leaders that US government-funded schemes that support life-saving treatments for HIV/AIDS sufferers, nutrition programs for malnourished children, and emergency food aid make up just one percent of the US government budget. But that one percent is helping to save tens of millions of lives in impoverished nations.

Meanwhile, yesterday Bono discussed the power of social movements with students at Georgetown University. He is also reportedly scheduled to meet new World Bank President Jim Yong Kim for a web cast discussion on Wednesday on the challenges of eradicating poverty.

U2's front man Bono and President Barack ObamaGoogle Images