A British current affairs TV show has been criticized for its coverage of the Irish financial crisis as it depicted Ireland in a series of twee old fashioned postcard scenes.

BBC 2’s flagship late night current affairs program, “Newsnight”, carried a reports on the British Chancellor, George Osborne’s, comments that Britain may provide support to Ireland. The report was bookended by a stereotypical illustration of Ireland with sepia representations of bog and hill’s landscapes, the Ha’ Penny Bridge. The report ended with a shot outside a shebeen house.

In the report a cut-out figure of the Chancellor is seen hopping, what could be considered Irish dancing, across the stereotypical scenes. The soundtrack for the report was, of course, traditional Irish music. Also the graphics including quotes from the Chancellor were displayed in “Book of Kells” type font with Celtic swirls, such as those found as Newgrange, used as bullet points.

Viewers in Ireland complained on Twitter, and via other social media after the show.

Here are just some of their tweets:

- “What did we think of the #newsnight Oirish shebeeney leprechauny graphics?.... I personally fainted.”

- “Another simplistic Oirish piece on #newsnight. I mean we’re screwed & we deserve ridicule but spare me the trad music, jigs & condescension.”

- “#newsnight report on #Irish #economy: cottages, celtic swirls & pubs. Stereotypical opinion of what! Get it together lads.”

- “It appears that #newsnight has been taken over by people who believe The Day Today is a ‘how to’ video.”

- “BB2. VT of possible British bailout of Ireland replete with ‘Celtic’ script, diddly-aye music and shebeen cartoon. You can keep your money.”

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