Pope Benedict XVI has said he plans to be “hidden from the world” after he resigns from his position of leader of the Catholic Church in two weeks time.

On Thursday the 85-year-old Catholic Leader met with thousands of priests from the diocese of Rome, where he delivered a 45-minute unscripted speech.

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He told the gathering of priests: "Even if I am withdrawing into prayer, I will always be close to all of you and I am sure that you will be close to me, even if I remain hidden from the world".

In a statement announcing his resignation last Monday he said he would retire to "a life dedicated to prayer."

On Thursday a Vatican spokesperson confirmed the Pope had hit his head on the trip to Mexico in March 2012. However, he denied this had any “relevant” role in his resignation.

Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi confirmed the incident but said "it was not relevant for the trip, in that it didn't affect it, nor in the decision" to resign.

Pope Benedict XVI has announced his retirement due to ill healthGoogle Images