We are all familiar with the Woody Allen line on – whatever world event – “Would it be good for the Jews?” Let’s do one of those “Would it be good for the Irish” if Donald Trump were elected president.

Here are five good reasons and five bad outcomes.


1. He has ties to the country and President Trump would certainly visit.

2. Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Ireland, in County Clare, would become an instant and huge tourist attraction.

3. The Irish treated him royally when he announced he was buying said hotel. He'd remember.

4. His mother was Scots Gaelic and grew up speaking Gaelic. Apparently she may have sung his lullabies in Gaelic when he was a baby.

5. Shannon Airport beside his new hotel would prosper.

Five reasons it might be bad for Ireland:

1. He might want to be crowned High King after all the flattery he endured the last time he arrived.

2. He’ll resent the Irish because they usually support Democrats.

3. He didn't like the weather because it poured last time he was in Ireland and might decide to skip it.

4. He might demand everyone copy his hairstyle like the North Korean leader before he visits.

5. He will buy up all the distressed properties and sell them to North Korea.

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