A new poll in Scotland shows the Scottish Nationalist Party winning 55 of 59 seats. The British election takes place in May.

Their victory would almost certainly mean a Scottish Nationalist/Labor alliance as the next government in Britain, say experts.

And for the first time Scottish Nationalist leader Nicola Sturgeon has stated that the SNP would be ready to vote on English laws, something they have avoided.

The specter of the SNP in power after the May election will send shivers down the spines of many English voters who resent the ability of Scottish MPs to vote on English and Welsh issues while Scotland has its own parliament.

The swing to SNP means that a nationalist party, which came close enough in the recent referendum to having Scotland independent, may have the best of both worlds with power in Scotland and England and Wales.

The next British election is a very close run thing with the Tories and Labor neck and neck in most polls.

However, the Tories are unlikely to gain SNP support, while their current partners in government the Liberal Democrats are expected to sustain huge losses in the next election.

David Cameron has been wooing Ulster Unionist parties, but their combined totals would not come close to what the SNP would bring to a Labor coalition.

The British Prime Minister may be regretting that Scotland did not go its own way after all as he faces losing power because of the SNP vote.