With Scottish independence on a knife edge Queen Elizabeth stepped into the debate telling a well-wisher, "Well, I hope people will think very carefully about the future."

The Queen was clearly aware her comments were made for public consumption. Her comments, made outside a church in Scotland, were widely seen as helping the anti-independence vote.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Cameron has also made a last minute plea stating, "This is a once-and-for-all decision. If Scotland votes yes, the UK will split, and we will go our separate ways for ever."

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Footballer David Beckham has also jumped on the 'No' bandwagon signing up for the “stay with us “movement along with many other celebrities.

Opinion polls continue to differ widely as to how the vote might go. The Observer showed 'No' six points ahead, the Sunday Times showed 'No' ahead by two, but the Sunday Telegraph poll showed 'Yes' leading by 54 to 46 percent.

The 'Yes' side concluded the weekend before the vote on the 18th with a major rally and concert.