Three separate opinion polls shows Labour Party support at its lowest point ever in Irish politics with just 5 per cent in two polls and 6 per cent in the other.

Despite a new leader, Joan Burton, the party continues to hemorrhage support, being blamed for unpopular belt tightening policies and water charges.

The polls carried in the Sunday Business Post, Sunday Times and Sunday Independent all show that the combined current coalition government parties, Fine Gael and Labour, reach just the mid 20s in support.Fine Gael are down about 15 per cent since the last election to 22 per cent.

Sinn Fein have about 22 per cent support averaging out the polls, a remarkable performance for a party that had almost negligible support not long ago.

Fianna Fail hover in the 18 per cent range across all polls, a major comedown for a party that regularly polled over 40 per cent in Irish elections.

Indeed, the three traditional parties of power Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Labor have only about 45 per cent of the total support an incredible collapse in their fortunes.

The rise in the support for Independents remains the huge unknown question for the next election. 

The 30 per cent of the electorate who say they will vote independent will play a huge role in deciding the next government. The rise of a new center party is another possibility with much speculation about that.