Irish seagulls have once again winged their way into a debate in the Irish Senate as senators call for a cull of the seabird described as "endangering society."

The issue of seagulls has again come to the attention of the Irish government after a Dublin woman lost her cell phone to the increasing menace of the country’s seagull flocks.

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— Ryan Bird (@ryanbird10) July 21, 2015

Vanessa Keegan, from Clonsilla, Co. Dublin, was the victim of robbery carried out by an unlikely seagull suspect during a recent visit to the National Botanical Gardens with her family.

“So I turned back to take more photographs of the baby,” she said, “and my daughter Caroline said 'Mam, he has your phone' – and I turned around and he just had my phone in his beak and he just flew right up over my shoulders.”

Attempts were made to recover the phone, but the thief quickly took flight on realizing he was discovered, dumping the evidence as he did so.

"I jumped up and there were two gardeners there (who) saw what happened...and we all started chasing a seagull.

"But it veered over a pond and just dropped it straight into the middle of the pond."

Must be silly season when politicians have nothing else to do but threaten to kill poor aul Seagulls! #seagulls

— Niall O'Loughlin (@nialloloughlin) July 21, 2015

Speaking on the issue yesterday, Senator Denis O’Donovan called on his fellow senators to address the problems created by the flighty fiends.

"I'm asking for a debate on this very important issue. Seagulls are actually becoming a nuisance and a pest,” he commented.

"I think it's important that we should consider Senator O'Sullivan's request last year that we should look at a cull on this vicious seabird, which is against our grain, they were normally living out at sea.

"They nest on the cliffs, but they are now invading the towns and the villages."


— Michelle Whitehead (@wondermochelle) July 21, 2015

O’Donovan is not the first Irish senator to ask for the bird to meet with some kind of punishment for their negative impact on society. Last year, Senator Ned O’Sullivan also spoke in the Senate of the need to introduce measures to curb the gulls.

Just this week, British Prime Minister David Cameron asked that the bird’s protected status be removed following attacks on people and animals.

Listener on #seagulls "family home is being invaded by multiple seagulls who have nested on our chimney. We are prisoners in our own home"

— Jonathan Healy (@jonathanhealy) July 20, 2015

Last year, Senator O’Sullivan asked for something to be done about the “cheeky” seagulls who are “increasingly dispossessing [children] of their lollipops and stuff like that.”

The beach bum birds are becoming more raucous as they move inland, keeping people awake at night and switching diets from fresh fish to human waste.

“They really are vermin. They’re scavenger gulls. Dump gulls,” he said. “The seagulls have lost the run of themselves completely.”