President Obama’s approval ratings among Hispanic Americans has leaped double digit numbers since he signed the immigration presidential executive order.

Thousands of undocumented Irish will be impacted by the president's executive order which will allow those here since 2010 with no criminal record to stay in the US without fear of deportation.

A Pew research poll shows a massive 81 percent of Hispanics approve of the move while 65 percent of Hispanics now approve of his overall record as against just 50 percent before he signed the order.

The polls show how critical the immigration issue is in the Hispanic community while it shows that apart from the right wing of the Republican party American voters do not feel strongly against it.

The New York Times Upshot column noted on Sunday that “On immigration, the answer is fairly clear. Hispanic voters care a lot, and matter a lot.”

As the NY Times notes: “the gain is extremely impressive. By signing a piece of paper and taking a trip to Las Vegas, Mr.Obama boosted his rating among Hispanics, who make up 14 percent of the adult population, by around 15 points.”

The main opponents of the executive order are GOP members who would never vote for Obama anyway. Thus the order has helped him in a dramatic way with his core voters.

Obama won 71 percent of the Hispanic vote last time. His Democratic successor seeking the White House would need to retain that or better it to win the White House in 2016.

Given the evidence of this poll that seems entirely possible now.

The Times noted that “Mr. Obama’s rebound among Hispanic voters may be a sign that the tactics that worked for the Obama campaign in 2012 might still work in 2016.”