“Ready for Hillary” the unofficial fundraising group for Hillary Clinton, will hold a fundraiser in Dublin on August 29th.

The main speaker will be New York lawyer Brian O’Dwyer a long time friend of the Clintons and often spoken of as a future ambassador to Ireland if Hillary wins.

It is believed the event will be hosted by Linda O’Shea Farren and her husband Brian Farren, both former contributors to the Clinton campaign and former US residents.

Brian O’Dwyer confirmed the fundraiser will go ahead and can only be supported by American citizens in the US and those resident in Ireland.

“It is a good opportunity to show that the Irish who can legally contribute are solidly  behind Hillary” eh said. “It is an important first step.

He pointed out it will take place the same weekend that the Penn State/University of South Florida football game will take place and 15,000 Americans are expected in Ireland.

O’Dwyer noted that Irish American support would be critical in Pennsylvania and Florida which are two of the most contested states every presidential election.

O’Dwyer stressed the fundraiser would be relatively small in scope but would lay down a marker for supporting Clinton in her likely campaign for president.

"The Ready for Hillary” group is not officially connected to the undeclared candidate but has been fundraising at a furious pace across the US.

Ready for Hillary is a super fundraising Pac which has already spent close to $5 million on Hillary support projects even though the former Secretary of State has not said she is running.