Sean Duffy, now a Republican primary candidate for Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District, does not have what you might call a normal politician’s resume but it seems like he is in with a good chance of grabbing the Republican primary nomination to take on Democratic nominee, Wisconsin State Sen. Julie Lassa, his expected competition.

Now 38 Sean Duffy has most certainly taken a novel route on his way to Congress. He first came into the public’s consciousness in the 1997 version of MTV’s “Real World” set in Boston. He’s also an enthusiastic lumberjack athlete (think running on logs in water and other tree related fun) and he has also attacked in an independent mockumentary about gay marriage.

In his district, a rural quite area he is a local celebrity. Women pose for photos with him giggling. He’s the party boy of candidates. In fact a video of Duffy dancing on a pool table in his boxer shorts, drinking beer doing “The Real World” show was just removed from YouTube.

Duffy said “I was young…They edit in things. I didn't have any kids yet. If you want to know my character, look at the kids I've raised. All I can do is tell you this is what I've done. This is where I've been. This is where I stand."

With or without his foray with reality TV it seems that the path ahead of Duffy is clear. In fact it was mad much clearer by the retirement of the Democrat who had represented Wisconsin's 7th Congressional District for 41 years, David Obey.

He has been nicknamed as one of the RNC’s “Young Guns” and has received endorsements from Tim Pawlenty’s Freedom First PAC and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. He has managed to raise over $600,000 and is expected to Dan Mielke  in September's primary.
Though he most certainly seems on a road to success Duffy maintains that politics was never in his plans. He said “I never thought I would run for Congress…If you look back at a certain reality TV show, you know that."