A Polish father of two had acid thrown in his face as he stood outside his Dublin home early Monday morning, in what appears to have been a random attack.

Sylvester Wnukowicz (33), from Poland, was smoking a cigarette at the door of his Tyrrelstown home at around 6 AM on Monday morning when the attack occurred.

The father-of-two works as a truck driver for at Master Link Logistics in Ballycoolin, West Dublin.

The victim’s roommate, Dave Ramsay,  who was the first person on the scene, said the attacker was in his 30s or 40s and looked Asian.

"I was in my bed at 6am and hit the snooze button on my alarm when it went off," Ramsay told the Irish Independent.

"The next minute, I heard 'Dave, Dave, come quickly. Hurry, hurry', and I came down the stairs and he was in the sitting room waving his arms in the air. He said 'someone threw acid in my face.'

"There was blood coming out of his eyes."

Ramsay said the assailant asked Wnukowicz questions about his neighbors house before he threw acid at him.

The Irish Independent reports that the Polish father is in an induced coma at St James's Hospital in Dublin, where doctors are trying to establish if he will lose his sight.

"Sylvester has no sight at the moment and his eyelashes were completely burnt off. Surgeons told us his corneas are damaged. His face is swollen and he can't even open his eyes and is plugged up to eight or nine machines,” Ramsay added.

Polish father of two Sylvester Wnukowicz recovering from vicious acid attackGoogle Images