Mary Richardson Kennedy was nearly one and half times the drive driving limit when she was stopped by police outside a school in Bedford, New York but it was witness reports from as far back as 2007 tell the story of a woman in great distress.

A local newspaper has obtained police records regarding the Kennedy family and they show a history of years of emotional public breakdowns, domestic incidents and now driving while under the influence.

Richardson Kennedy is the second wife of Robert F. Kennedy Jr, son of assassinated Senator Robert Kennedy and nephew of John F. Kennedy. The couple has four children together as well as Kennedy’s two children from his previous marriage.

In this incident Richardson Kennedy was stopped by the police outside the St Patrick’s school high school when her 2004 Volvo station wagon mounted the sidewalk. She said that she had come down to pick people up from the school.

Her blood-alcohol level measured 0.11 percent. The maximum legal limit is .08 percent.

Police records show that in 2007 Robert F. Kennedy had driven his wife to a psychologist in Northern Westchester Hospital as he was worried about her mental health.

When they arrived at the hospital she ran from the car into the road. When Robert a caught up with her he held her down on the ground “to keep her from hurting herself”. Unable to control her he then asked a passing motorist to call the police.

Officer Glenn Janik, of Kisco police department, said "Mr. Kennedy stated he wanted his wife to see a psychologist."

"Mrs. Kennedy stated she was fine and did not want to go to the hospital. After speaking to both parties, Mrs. Kennedy stated she wanted to go home. Mr. Kennedy agreed to this and returned to the hospital lot to get his vehicle."

Though Richardson Kennedy insisted she was fine the witnesses to the event told another story.

Rae Kesten, the passerby who called the police said “I remember she was acting kind of out of it, kind of crazy. She was running into the street and flailing her arms around. He was trying to restrain her. I didn't know if they were fighting or not, but I was concerned."

On December 19, 2007, she was stopped by the police when she crashed her Volvo into the fire zone sign outside a Target store on the North Bedford Road. Police records show there was no sign that any alcohol had been taken.

The police have also had to deal with domestic callouts from the Kennedy family. On January 16, 2008 Robert Kennedy called the police and asked them to check on his wife’s well being. She was not at the house when they arrived.

Richardson Kennedy was given driving tickets on their other occasions; two involved alleged cell-phone violations and on illegal U-turn. The records also showed interactions with Robert Kennedy mainly to do with the escape of his pet hawks.

Over the last two months the police have also been called to the Kennedy’s home. Police said that these visits were unrelated to her recent arrest.

Earlier this month the police were called to the house to deal with a report of a dispute between children.

Police were called to the house on May 13 and filed a “domestic incident report”. Lieutenant Jeff Dickan said “no crimes committed no report of assault, no arrests and no need for follow-up."