An Offaly family has praised the actions of a young policewoman who delivered their new baby daughter in the hallway of their home.

Baby Mia was delivered by young officer Nicola Gleeson who has since admitted that her only medical experience was a ‘first aid course’.

The hero officer came to the rescue when Niamh Longworth realized she wasn’t going to make it to hospital before Mia arrived.

Nicola thought she was going to escort the Longworth’s to the hospital but ended up taking on the role of emergency midwife just 15 minutes after she arrived at the house in Daingean, County Offaly.

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“I just rolled up my sleeves and followed the advice of the ambulance crew on the telephone,” explained officer Gleeson as baby Mia arrived five minutes before the medics.

Garda Gleeson added: “My initial reaction was panic. But when she cried, we knew everything was ok. Once she cried, I was happy - and I cried too.”

Dad Damien and mum Niamh have thanked officer Gleeson and thanked her for her quick thinking as 7lb 9oz Mia settled into family life.

“My mother in law had contacted me to say Niamh wouldn’t make the hospital and I didn’t believe her because our two sons were both two day labors,” explained Damien.

“I thought, what do you mean, she’s not going to make it? But when I arrived and saw her on the hall floor, I knew things were serious.

“We can’t thank Niamh enough. She was brilliant from start to finish, a real hero.”