A Dublin gangland war that left a six-year-boy confined to a wheelchair when he was shot by accident has now claimed the life of a horse.

Police are investigating the vicious attack on the horse owned by Keith Lyons, uncle of Sean Scully, the little boy who faces years of rehab before he can walk again.

Officers believe the gangland rivals who shot Scully outside his west Dublin home at a family party are now responsible for the brutal slaying of the horse.

The animal was killed instantly when shot in the chest at Scully’s uncle’s house in Ballyfermot.

The Irish Independent website reports that two thugs jumped a wall and used a shotgun to kill the 38-year-old’s beloved horse, Annie.

Officers believe the same gang are behind both attacks.

Lyons’ brother Glen was asleep in the house when the noise from shotgun blast woke him.

Sources told the paper that Lyons is ‘very angry and emotional’ over the killing of his horse.

His was also vandalized outside his home last week as tensions rise in the gangland feud.y