Police in Limerick have launched an investigation, after the decomposed bodies of at least six greyhounds were discovered in a quarry in Ballyagran. It is understood the dogs were shot in the head.

RTE reports the Irish Greyhound Board  has identified two owners and they are working with the police to  bring offenders to justice.

According to a statement from the Greyhound Rescue Association of Ireland (GRAI), the dogs were discovered “in various stages of decomposition” in an open and unburied grave site.   
Marion Fitzgibbon, of Limerick Animal Welfare and a GRAI spokeswoman, told the Limerick Leader: “Two greyhounds - a black bitch and a fawn dog - were killed recently as their bodies are not decomposed. They both appear to have been killed by an impact to the head. There are other greyhound bodies in the quarry. Limerick Animal Welfare estimates another seven or eight but the terrain is very overgrown and a proper search may reveal more”.

She added: “We know these are racing greyhounds, as each animal is required to have a unique identifying tattoo in each ear.  Some of the tattoos are still legible to the naked eye. This information has been passed to Limerick County Council and the Gardaí have also been informed”.

Fitzgibbon added: “These dogs did not need to die. Greyhounds can make faithful, gentle and loving family pets. They are great with children and unlike many other breeds only need around 30-minutes walk per day”.

The GRAI said that there were nearly 3,500 registered greyhound litters in Ireland last year, and that up to 10,000 disappear every year in this country.