Read more: Celtic FC boss and high profile supporters sent nail bombs in the post

Police in Scotland have launched a major investigation into the bombs posted to Celtic soccer club manager Neil Lennon and some high-profile club supporters.

Devices were posted to Neil Lennon, Trish Godman, the former Labour MSP for West Renfrewshire, and Paul McBride, QC, separately over the last month. Police believe the potentially fatal bombs were sent from within Scotland. Police officers from Strathclyde are investigating the sectarian motives behind the terror campaign.

According to reports in the Herald Scotland First Minister Alex Salmond confirmed that an emergency meeting of the Cabinet subcommittee was held last weekend to discuss these terror attacks. Media outlets had known about the bombs at the weekend but had agreed not to report on them.

Salmond said "Let us be quite clear – there is a major police investigation under way to ensure that the individual or individuals concerned are identified and apprehended, and then brought to book with the full force of the law.

“We will not tolerate this sort of criminality in Scotland, and as an indication of the seriousness with which we view these developments the Cabinet sub-committee met last Saturday to ensure that the police investigation has every possible support to come to a successful conclusion. We are confident that this will be the case. These disgraceful events should remind all of us who love the game of football of what unites us as a community.

“It is time to remember what we value in society, and unite to condemn those who use football as a pretext for their pathetic and dangerous prejudices.”

Scottish Labour Leader Iain Gray said “I am shocked and appalled at this sinister development. It is vital though that people keep calm and do not let the situation spiral out of control as that would be playing into the hands of the extremists behind this vile act.”

“It is outrageous that something like this should happen in Scotland in this day and age.
“Strathclyde Police must have whatever support they need.”

Read more: Celtic FC boss and high profile supporters sent nail bombs in the post

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