In news certain to anger and appall his legion of fans, Irish football legend George Best may have been targeted by the News of the World in the wider phone hacking scandal.

British police have reportedly found evidence that the late soccer star's mobile phone may have been successfully hacked before he died.

Adding to the speculation it has been reported that the former Manchester United players ex-wife Alex Best will be interviewed by police later this week.

According to the Belfast telegraph police reportedly found details relating to Best in notebooks owned by the private detective Glenn Mulcaire, who was hired by News of The World to spy on celebrities and politicians.

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Best died in 2005 aged just 59. Last month, after watching reports about the deepening News of The World scandal, Alex Best contacted the police herself to ask them to investigate if she had been a victim of hacking.

This week the police confirmed they were targeted. Reacting to the news Alex Best told the press: 'He had so many problems with alcohol and the pressure they put him under only made things worse. It's very upsetting, they violated our lives. They always seemed to know where we were.'

George Best