Ireland’s dumbest criminal has been named and shamed across the national media – after leaving a photograph of himself outside a house he tried to burgle.

Jason Glennon, a 34-year-old drug addict, was apprehended by police after first stealing items from a car then leaving them in a house he broke into.

A pink Nokia phone was recovered from the address in the Dublin suburb of Blanchardstown and, upon examination by officers, produced a photo of Glennon which he had taken himself.

Glennon had stolen the mobile phone and a rucksack from an unlocked car, just 24 hours after he had been released from prison after serving a sentence for a similar offence.

The serial offender then broke into a nearby house only to be confronted by the owner who awoke to find Glennon in his bedroom.

The man chased Glennon out of the house with the thief throwing a PlayStation games console at him as he ran away.


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With the owner in pursuit, Glennon then dropped the rucksack and the mobile phone which were handed over to police.

The druggie was arrested a month later after police successfully identified him with the aid of the photo Glennon had taken of himself on the stolen phone.

The Mulhuddart resident pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to three burglaries in the Blanchardstown area in June of 2010.

The court heard that Glennon had 53 previous convictions, including burglary offences and handling stolen property.

Describing Glennon as a ‘menace as long as he is in the community and using drugs’ the Judge adjourned sentencing until March.

“It is my duty to protect the community, and the only blunt implement I can use for this purpose is Mountjoy Prison,” said Judge Patrick McCartan.