Irish police believe a hit and run accident involving former Republican terrorist and INLA leader Dessie O’Hare was deliberate.

O’Hare is recovering in a Dublin hospital after he was hit by a black jeep which mounted the footpath on which he was walking.

Known as the Border Fox, O’Hare sustained serious facial and neck injuries when he was hit by the jeep in the North Dublin suburb of Clontarf.

One police source claimed to the Irish Examiner newspaper that the 55-year-old O’Hare was lucky not to sustain more serious injuries.

The unnamed officer told the paper: “Whoever knocked him down intended to kill him. They went at full speed towards him and had obviously been watching him for a while as he walked along the street.”


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In an official statement, a police spokesman confirmed: “Gardaí (police) at Clontarf are investigating a report from a member of the public that he was struck by a car at the junction of Seafield Road and Seafield Avenue at approximately 5.30pm on Tuesday.

“The injured man (early 50s) was taken to the Mater Public Hospital.”

O’Hara made headlines around the world when he kidnapped dentist John O’Grady in 1987 and cut off two of his fingers.

Regarded as the leader of the hardline Irish National Liberation Army, O’Hare served 17 years of a 40-year sentence for kidnapping and mutilating O’Grady.

He was released from Castlerea Prison in 2006 and claims to have turned his back on crime – with yoga among his current interests.