Northern Ireland police were left red-faced and forced to apologize when they ruined an Irish chef’s wedding to his pregnant Chinese bride – just as the happy couple were about to say ‘I Do.'

Neil McElwee and his teenage bride Yanan Sun have demanded answers after police interrupted their marriage ceremony at Derry’s Guidhall.

Their actions were prompted by an anonymous letter which claimed ‘immigration irregularities’ and that the wedding was a ‘sham.'

McElwee, a 24-year-old chef from Tyrone, has lodged an official complaint with authorities after five guests at the wedding, including the groom and his pregnant bride (19), were arrested and taken away for questioning.

“It was absolutely disgraceful. My wife is five-and-a-half months pregnant and they just treated her in a disgusting fashion,” said McElwee.

“One guest said it felt like a wake. It was a nightmare. It is just a disgrace and a shambles, the police know it was a shambles themselves.

“We did not get to our reception until 8.30pm at night. I won’t be happy until I get a proper explanation.”

One of the five arrested was held to answer charges over her immigration status.