Read more: Police fear there’s more than one Craigslist Long Island Ripper

A the numbers of bodies on the Long Island nature reserve begin to pile up FBI and police searcher are using airplanes and sea divers in an attempt to gather some physical evidence to nab the Long Island killer.

Irish-born Police Commissioner Richard Dormer, who is leading the case, confirmed on Wednesday, that the federal authorities are taking a more active role in the investigation.

On Wednesday New York police divers search the water along the coast at Ocean Parkway where the remains of ten bodies have now been found. The area leading down to Hemlock Dove was closed to the public. The FBI also used their airplanes to collect high-resolution aerial images of the entire length of Jones Beach Island.

Investigators, led by Irish-born Richard Dormer, are officially still focusing on finding Shannan Gilbert, a prostitute who advertised on Craigslist, who went missing in May 2010. The grisly discovery of the ten sets of remains on Long Island began when the police began searching for her in the area in December.

On Monday police found bones and a skull. They have now been confirmed as human remains, although, it is still not been made clear that they are from one or two bodies. They have also confirmed that one of the bodies found is that of a child or even a fetus.

Dormer confirmed that public has also been helping with the investigation. He said that so far they have received 600 tips from the public.

Speaking at a Yaphank news conference he said "No matter how minor they believe an item or tip is, call Crime Stoppers…All tips are reviewed by the homicide task force."

The County Laois man said that he would not speculate on the age or gender of the last four bodies found in March. He said "Making any comments on the remains at this point is inappropriate, and I'm not going to get into it…We are being patient, awaiting the results" of forensics examinations.

Edward Mangano, Executive of Nassau County, where the bones from the two new victims were discovered, said "We're going to continue to use all our technology and experts to bring this person to justice."

A police officer working on the investigation told the Associated Press " Who'd think that we'd go looking for one missing person and find 10 others?.. On the other hand, imagine they'd gone and found Shannan Gilbert right away."

Read more: Police fear there’s more than one Craigslist Long Island Ripper