Video games and Playboy models – a winning combination for male gamers out there, and the Irish know it.

An Irish gaming company, with the support of Enterprise Ireland, is developing an online game where the player will mix business with pleasure and manage the careers of virtual Playboy bunnies.

The goal of the game, entitled “Playboy Manager,” is to get their virtual models to move into the Playboy Mansion with none other than Mr. Hugh Hefner.

The Irish firm Jolt Online Gaming has acquired the rights to the game, which features exclusive content from the adult entertainment giant. The company will launch it within the next few months, founder and chief executive Dylan Collins told Ireland’s Sunday Business Post.

Collins expects “hundreds of thousands” of people to sign up online for the free game.

‘‘Our market is males aged 16 to 32,” he said. “They like video games and they like women, and we are combining the two. It was not rocket science. There is a very strong business case behind this.”

Jolt, which is backed by investors such as Enterprise Ireland, is a new online gaming company that makes its profit by selling additional features to its free games. They reportedly have more than two million registered customers, and have two other games in the works with big brand companies, like Playboy.

‘‘The online video game market is growing by 15 percent a year,” said Collins. “This year, it will be worth between $8 billion and $9 billion. Online games are the future of gaming.”