A Twitter account dedicated to pictures of Dublin, @PhotosOfDublin, has gained more than 15,000 followers on the social network site. The account set up and managed by John McGuinness tweets photos submitted by users to the social network.

The basic requirement is that the pictures are taken in Dublin. John who works in IT for

Symantec is the man who came up with the concept.

Speaking to IrishCentral this week John said, “I have always been interested in any images of Dublin and the county I was born in, and I also like to see comparisons of those old images with modern versions to see how the city has changed.

“Another area I felt gave the Twitter version a chance to continue growing was to encourage people to submit images from private collections.”

The Dublin native added “From a personal point of view, I don't think we need any gimmicks to promote the city or country. As has been commented, the photos and snippets of information contained with them in the daily tweets have given some people more insight about the city than any school history book and the images speak for themselves.”

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Molly Malone statue in Dublin, with Trinity College in the background.Tony Pleavin / Tourism Ireland