As the news that nine teenagers were charged in relation to Phoebe Prince's death crossed the Atlantic this week to her hometown in County Clare, neighbors are still mourning the death of Phoebe Prince.

Phoebe's former babysitter said her death is "a loss."

Anna Towler, who took care of Phoebe when she moved from England to Fanore, Co. Clare when she was two, said she is still hurting from Phoebe's suicide.

"We all suffer," she said.

Towler said that everyone from the small seaside town attended Phoebe's funeral mass when her body was brought home to Ireland for burial in January.

"Did I cry," said Towler. "It was beautiful."

Towler, who runs a small bed and breakfast in the town, said Phoebe's remains were cremated in the U.S. before her funeral in Ireland.

Another family friend, Christina O'Connor, who also attended Phoebe's funeral, said she was happy to hear that nine students were going to be charged with various crimes related to Phoebe's bullying, which ultimately lead to her taking her own life on January 14 in her South Hadley, Massachusetts home.

"We're very pleased that they were brought," said O'Connor. "We were absolutely devastated here in Ireland and in Fanore."

Towler said although she is someway glad those responsible for Phoebe's bullying will be brought to justice she said she also feels for their families.

"Justice is one thing, but then I think about their families and their community," she said.

"Justice has to be done. I suppose examples have to be set."

Phoebe's family moved from England to Ireland when she was a little toddler.

Her father, Jeremy Prince, opened up a flower shop, called Blueberry Center.

Her mother, Anne O'Brien Prince was from the U.S. and moved with the children to South Hadley last Fall.

"I've always found them to be beautiful people. Phoebe was a beautiful child, and we're absolutely heartbroken over what happened," said O'Connor.

"No words could describe how the people in Fanore and County Clare felt."

Clare County Councilor Martin Conway described Prince's death a "tragedy."

"The reaction is one of sadness," he said.

"It's a personal tragedy for her family."