Phoebe Prince wrote about self mutilation before she took her life, it has been revealed. It was a clear warning sign that the young Irish girl was deeply upset because of the bullying she was undergoing.

However defense attorneys are expected to use the new evidence to show that Phoebe was inclined to suicide and self damage before the bullying allegations

One essay written by Phoebe was a review of a book called 'Cutting' by Dr. Steven Levenkron. In her review Phoebe wrote:

 "From a personal point of view I can see that Levenkron does truly understand the concept of self- mutilation and how it's not about suicide, in most cases it's about trying to transfer the pain from emotional to physical pain which is a lot easier to deal with for most adolescents who most likely don't even understand how they're feeling."

The essay was first revealed in the Sunday Independent newspaper in Ireland.

Dr.Steven Levenkron is a recognized expert on anorexia nervosa, based in New York.

In another essay Phoebe wrote that she disliked Facebook and twitter, most likely because she was being taunted on them by the six adolescents now charged in helping cause her suicide on January 14th when she hung herself in her family home in South Hadley Massachusetts after being bullied mercilessly all day.

One of those charged, Ashley Longe, 16, wrote about Phoebe on Facebook after she had killed herself saying  "She brought it on herself."

Meanwhile, in reaction to the bullying death and intense criticism of the role of their site  Facebook last week announced new measures that include a 24-hour police hotline, a multi-million dollar education and awareness campaign, and a redesigned abuse reporting system.

Phoebe Prince