The man who exposed the suicide of Irish girl, Phoebe Prince, in South Hadley in January to the national media has told that an attempt was made to run him down and his life has been threatened in anonymous letters.

Darby O'Brien, founder and president of Darby O'Brien Advertising and Public Relations in South Hadley, was out walking his dog at night recently when a car "came driving at me," in an attempt on his life.

"I was walking the dog along a major road when this car came right off the road and up on the curb towards me," he said, adding that he managed to get out of the way on time.

"I knew coming out against this that I would always be taking a risk," he said.

He has also received threatening letters that warned he could be killed  since he has spoken out against the South Hadley High School.

"I've received letters saying I should be beaten up and driven out of town from anonymous people in South Hadley," he said.

Some letter writers even went as far as saying they would kill him. 

But O'Brien is not prepared to give up the fight to have the school authorities exposed .

He feels it's imperative that they are held responsible for neglecting to stop the bullying inflicted on Phoebe by a core group of students.

O'Brien blew the whistle on the bullying and the school's neglect of the situation after Phoebe's parents visited O'Brien's office in South Hadley. "I've never seen people so broken," shared O'Brien.

"They asked me to keep fighting the fight they couldn't," said O'Brien promising them he would do everything in his power to keep the spotlight on the school authorities.

Phoebe's parents, who are still living in South Hadley with their other children, told O'Brien they are very grateful for the support they are getting from the community.

"There are a few people helping them cope with this tragedy and they are very grateful to them," said O'Brien.

O'Brien, whose step-daughter attends South Hadley High, called his friend, Boston Globe reporter, Kevin Cullen, after local media in South Hadley "walked away from the story."

"This school system is notorious for looking the other way," said O'Brien wanting to expose their neglect and have them take some responsibility.

"The kids charged should not be left carry all he blame," he added.

"It's time someone held the school authorities responsible."

And that is exactly what O'Brien intends to do.

He will not give up - despite the constant threat on his life.

"This is a gutless town but I will continue the fight," he said.


Darby O'Brien: 'I knew coming out against this that I would always be taking a risk."