Bill Wood, an antiques dealer, has bought two skeletons at Tom Hall Auctions in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania.

The skeletons, believed to be of German and Irish origin and at least 100 years old were both owned by a New York mortician's museum and the Independent Order of Oddfellows, the likely origin of their accessories.

The male skeleton was dressed in a tuxedo and was sold in a black casket, while the woman, carrying a bible, is being sold in a wooden casket. Wood paid $900 for the male and $950 for the female.

According to the website The Bone Room, which specializes in selling bones of all sorts, the standard human skeleton goes for about $4,000 to $5,500.

Wood, who owns the Old Mill Antiques shop, in Strasburg, PA, said he already has one skeleton in his store which has attracted a lot of interest. He feels certain that he will sell all three.

Other items that sold at the PA auction were not quite so quirky. Among the other items were a set of 100-year-old stained glass doors from a local Church.

Here’s the WFMZ news report on the auction:

Female skeleton carrying a bible sells for $950 alongside tux-wearing male remainsGoogle Images