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Public urination has got to such an unacceptable level in the town of Ennis that one local councilor has proposed that two urine wardens should be employed to patrol the town and prevent inebriated people from peeing on the town.

Councilor Paul O’Shea argues that the two wardens could provide a valuable service to the public by catching people who feel the need to relieve themselves in public.

"The wardens would then notify the gardai (Irish police) and on-the-spot fines would be issued," he said.

However, other councilors in the town argue that becoming a urine warden may not be the safest career choice.

"If our traffic wardens are getting spat at during the day in carrying out their duty, I believe any urine warden would be in a lot of danger at 3am," said Councilor Frankie Nealon.

The good folk of Clare who can’t control themselves have inspired one store owner to install a machine that shocks people who decide to spend a penny in his front window.

A sign on the store reads: "electric current in operation, urinate at your own peril".

This rather innovative action was taken by businessman John O'Connor to stop the flow of urine on his shopfront, as the smell the day after the night before, so to speak, was driving away business.

One person has already been zapped by the gadget, and O’Connor, who runs a traditional music store, has also vowed to plaster photos of those who pee on his shop in public.

Another councilor in the Clare capital, Brian Meaney of the Green Party, has proposed a "name-and-shame" website for those who feel the need to go to the toilet in the street.