Longtime conservative pundit Pat Buchanan offered an ominous assessment of the Occupy Wall Street movement this weekend.

Speaking at a round-table discussion on The McLaughlin Group on Sunday morning, host John McLaughlin asked him to predict the future of the movement.

'It’s going to end very, very badly with these folks in the winter and they’re not going to be getting publicity and they’re going to be acting up and acting badly like the worst of the demonstrators in the 60s,' Buchanan opined. 'They’re going to start fighting with the cops.'

McLaughlin did not ask Buchanan how he had come to his conclusion, but it followed from a discussion of the major injuries suffered by an Iraq war veteran (and former marine) who had been participating at the recent Occupy Oakland demonstrations at the weekend.

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On Saturday, scores of protestors were also arrested in Denver after clashes  with local police officers in riot gear. When police sprayed Mace on the crowd several protesters retaliated by roughly pushing the police. Both sides blamed the other for the confrontation.

Author of the recent apocalyptic book 'Suicide of a Superpower: Will America survive to 2025,' Buchanan says he now believes that as long as white America is poised to lose its majority status, by 2025 the America he admires and loves will cease to exist.

But critics have countered that Buchanan's comparing Occupy Wall Street protestors to the hippies of the 1960's is naive because their objectives are dissimilar: the first group were protesting the Vietnam War and the latter group represent the anti-Wall Street, anti-corporate sentiment that has lingered since the bailout and the start of the great recession.