One year after the death of their baby the parents of Rehma Sabir have set up a foundation called the Rehma Fund for Children. The child was rushed to hospital on January 14, 2013 with head injuries. She died two days later.

Aisling Brady McCarthy, a Cavan native and Rehma's nanny, is charged with her murder and has pleaded not guilty. The trial is expected to begin this year.

The Rehma Fund for Children was launched quietly in January. Its core mission is to support charitable causes that help children and parents deal with the emotional trauma and stress of illness.

The Cambridge-based couple, who have remained silent about the ongoing case, opened up about their loss in the statement, “Rehma means Mercy. Rehma was, and continues to be, a mercy and blessing in our lives. She taught us and everyone who knew her, so much in her short life.”

They were inspired to set up this foundation after their own experience with Boston Children’s Hospital where the one-year-old infant had spent her final days “It is impossible to describe the heartbreak of losing one's child. During the difficult time spent in the hospital by her bedside, we took hope, reassurance and comfort from the compassion and kindness of the professionals who took care of her. We experienced first hand what a difference a high quality health care environment made to our precious daughter and eventually to us when it came time to say goodbye.”

In a statement on the foundation’s website, the Sabirs said they hope to do this by making “compassionate health care more accessible to sick children in need.”

The Rehma Fund for Children will use the money raised to fund the OPENPediatrics initiative at Boston Children's Hospital, which is building an open source, peer-reviewed online guide to caring for sick children.

OPENPediatrics is already in operation by doctors and nurses around the world. Over 80 countries have access to this online, life-saving resource.

The foundation has provided a video about their cause and featured in the video is Rehma's father Sameer Sabir, a medical device entrepreneur, her mother Nada Siddiqui and Dr. Jeff Burns, Chief of Critical Care at Boston Children’s Hospital who was an attending doctor involved in Rehma's care and is involved in the OPENPediatrics program.

OPEN Pediatrics™ project from The Rehma Fund for Children on Vimeo.