The Aida Refugee Camp in Palestine are the latest group to lend their support to the ‘Free Marian Price’ campaign.

A long time Republican, Price, 58, was jailed for her involvement with the IRA bombings in London in 1973. She was arrested in May 2011 and charged with encouraging support of the IRA after a dissident Republican rally in Derry on Easter Sunday. She was later released on bail but the then Northern Ireland Secretary of State, Owen Paterson, revoked her license (parole) and ordered her back to prison.

Members of the refugee camp at the edge of Bethlehem empathized with the plight of Price.

“We, the Palestinian people who are under the terrorist rule of Zionism, write you this letter from Aida Refugee camp in the occupied land of Palestine,” the letter states.

“We salute the heroic struggle of Marian Price and her comrades for freedom, justice and for the dignity of humanity.”

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“To Marian’s family, we are the Palestinian families who know the feeling of losing someone in the darkness of the injustice cells. We in Aida Camp; mothers, fathers, youth and children, stand with you not only in solidarity but with complete support of Marian’s case and all the Irish political Prisoners.”

The letter concludes: “As Bobby Sands said in one of his writings,” our revenge will be the laughter of our children.” We believe that our day will come and our children will laugh and smile all their lives.”