A former police officer has swapped his life in law enforcement for a career in selling donuts.

Shawn Wampole, who worked in Pennsylvania as a cop decided to make the move to Florida to enjoy a better quality of life with his family.

"I was a police officer outside Philadelphia in Springfield, Montgomery County for seven years,” Wampole told MySunCoast.com.

The former cop and his wife Maria recently opened Anna Maria Donuts on Anna Maria Island, on the coast of Manatee.

"We came here on vacation and saw there wasn't a doughnut shop, and started looking into it a little bit, and decided to take the plunge and come down here and open one up."

But it wasn’t a love of donuts that led him to quit his career in the police department. The Dad doesn’t even like sweet things.

"Better quality of family life; I got tired of working nights and of not seeing my kids all the time. And we really did this for a better qualify of family life and more time together as a family."

Wampole is enjoying his new life: "I call it ‘I'm the bartender of the morning.’ People tell me their problems, what's going on, and it's great getting to talk to people and interact. It’s a lot of fun."

The new donut shop is already proving popular among locals and tourists a like.

"It's the talk of the town right now, and that's why we had to come and try it out again, and again and again," says resident Christy Gonzale.

Shawn Wampole, a former Pennsylvania police officer, just opened Anna Maria Donuts in Anna Maria.Baynews9.com