A woman from Gartan, County Donegal, was told by a London job agency that they could not find her employment anywhere due to her strong Irish accent.

Grainne Boyle, a former Rose of Tralee finalist completed a Skype interview with the Bonne International Nanny Agency. The 25-year-old, with a Masters degree in Education, was told that while she was qualified the position as live-in nanny with a Russian family she was turned down due to her Donegal accent.

Now Boyle has had six job offers since she went public with her story.

She told the Irish Times “Two of them are people I have worked for before including one in Dubai and four others heard about my story.

"I have to say I am overwhelmed by the response. I am just considering things at the moment and I won't rush into anything"

The London agency admitted in a letter that most of their clients are looking for a “BBC accent”.

Boyle said she will not be applying to any more agencies who have issues with her accent.

She said “I am still trying to get over the fact that it was ever an issue in the first place.

"A lot of people still can't believe that this kind of things still goes on in this day and age.”

"I said it already - I'm proud of my accent and where I come from and I certainly won't be changing that for anyone."

Here's audio of Boyle speaking to Donegal:

Highland Radio:

Former Rose of Dubai Grainne Boyle was rejected by London job agency due to her strong Donegal accentKieran Harnett