A new Irish company has been established to allow customers to book entire funerals in Ireland online, including coffins and hearses. The website aims to plan the more costly aspects of funerals in advance.
The Irish Association of Funeral Directors (IAFD) has estimated that the average cost of a funeral in Ireland is between $5,200 to $5,585 however the cost of a grave plot can add $4,556 to the cost.
Funeralsonline.ie was developed by Avril West, the managing director, Stephen Collier and Graham Mosey.
Avril West said it is “important to point out that this service is not designed to desensitize the funeral process in any way – we will ensure that a loved one is cared for in exactly the same way as a traditional funeral".
The company can even organize for the funeral to be webcast. It also allows people to set up their own account, with a password and reference number, and allows the customer to buy every item associated with a funeral service.