A new poll shows that voters in Northern Ireland would not vote for a united Ireland this year.

The poll asked Northern Irish voters “If a Border referendum was held within the next year how would you vote?" They were given the options "Yes", "Yes, in 20 years", "No, keep Northern Ireland" and "No opinion".”

Just seven percent said they would agree with a united Ireland this year. Only 32 percent would agree to a united Ireland in 20 years time.

Significantly a minority of Catholics would favor a united now or in 20 years time, just 48 percent.

If these “don’t knows” are ignored the poll shows that 63 percent of the population wants Northern Ireland to remain as a separate entity after 2032, according to Belfast Telegraph reports.

Overall support for a united Ireland is below 14 percent, including all social classes, and men and women.

The findings turn many commentators and politicians arguments on their heads. Many have said in the past by if the Catholics had the majority in the North, Irish unity would become a reality. However these results show this is not necessarily so.

The survey was commissioned by the 'Belfast Telegraph' and carried out by polling company LucidTalk.

According to the Belfast Telegraph's latest poll just 3.8% of people in the Northern Ireland-wide LucidTalk study want to see the border removed now.Google Images